No radio station, no communication...


Communication equipment intended primarily for installation on rolling stock and providing voice communication to the driver in railway communication networks. In addition, the device enables data communication of the device and connection of the device with other on-board on-board systems such as train protection, recording system, vehicle control system, etc.


  • Interoperability constituent according to TSI CCS Class A category CAB radio.

  • Communication in the GSM-R digital system and in the national analogue systems simplex 150MHz, simplex 450MHz and UIC751-3.

  • Connection to other on-board communication and security systems via RS422, RS485, CAN, LAN or audio interface.

  • USB service and diagnostic connector

  • Legislation: CCS TSI, EIRENE FRS and SRS, EN 50 155, EN 50 121-3-2, EN 45 545.


  • Modern component platform ensuring maximum product life and reliability.

  • All-in-one concept in the form of one 19“ / 3U sub-rack, for both digital and analogue radio operation.

  • Rack installation concept with plug-in modules ensuring easy assembly / disassembly and equipment upgrade.

  • Control terminal equipped with 7" colour display.

  • Power supply modules covering supply voltages from approx. 9 - 160 VDC.

  • Radio controlling respects current trends and customs and following the UIC 612 standard

  • User-friendly form of service maintenance of the radio station through hardware and software service tools and at the same time the internal utility of the radio station



  • Radio station block integrating control and communication modules

  • Control terminals with accessories

  • Antenna system


  • Practical demonstration of LENA5 installations on various types of railway vehicles

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